Malware threats - Mobile Malware
Industry reporting indicates that the volume of mobile malware continues to grow, although some reporting suggests that the rate of growth is decelerating28 or that infection levels are even decreasing29. While it remains a recurring, prominent and contemporary topic in both industry reporting and the media, mobile malware currently does not feature as a noteworthy threat for EU law enforcement.
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CryptoLocker is not only identified as the top malware threat affecting EU citizens in terms of volume of attacks and impact on the victim, but is considered to be one of the fastest growing malware threats. First appearing in September 2013, CryptoLocker is believed to have infected over 250 000 computers and obtained over EUR 24 million in ransom within its first two months6. CryptoLocker is also a notable threat amongst EU financial institutions.
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Blackshades first appeared in approximately 2010 and was cheaply available (~€35) on hacking forums. In addition to typical RAT functionality, Blackshades can encrypt and deny access to files (effectively acting as ransomware), has the capability to perform DDoS attacks, and incorporates a “marketplace” to allow users to buy and sell bots amongst other Blackshades users.
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Key Threat - ransomware
Ransomware remains a top threat for EU law enforcement. Almost two-thirds of EU Member States are conducting investigations into this form of malware attack. Police ransomware accounts for a significant proportion of reported incidents, however this may be due to an increased probability of victim reporting or it simply being easier for victims to recognise and describe.
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